Farming is our passion. In 2003, we began to look into the benefits of organic production. With the rising expenses in the agricultural industry, the desire to be more environmentally friendly, and the growing interest in organic products, it was a move that made sense to us. In 2005 we transitioned 190 acres. Now almost the entire farm is certified organic. On the farm we use no-till production methods to help with weed suppression and nutrient management. We rely heavily on cover crops to accomplish this. Our organic crops include corn, soybeans, and barley. As Bill's father says, "We're farming like we did when I was a boy." 

For more information on our organic grain operation, please contact Bill at 410-829-0042.

In the fall of 2014 we sold a portion of our grain to Blackwater Distilling in Stevensville, MD. Check out the video to the right (our segment starts at minute 7:38) to learn a little more about our farm and the distillery!