Produce - Produce available at the market includes blueberries, cantaloupe, cherries, corn, cucumbers, green beans, onions, peaches, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, yellow squash, zucchini and more. We have three high tunnels to extend our season, and all of the produce in them is naturally grown (untreated seeds, no conventional chemicals are used). We strive to grow our field vegetables (cantaloupes, watermelons, squashes​) in the same manner, although we do occasionally use treated seeds. We use the same all-natural fertilizer for both our high tunnel and field crops. The only crop we do use a conventional spray on is our sweet corn. We have tried growing corn organically in the past, but between the weeds and the bugs it was nearly impossible. We spray our corn on a schedule to keep bugs at bay, that way we use the least amount possible. Produce that isn't grown by us is sourced locally from other MD farms and, depending on the time of year, out-of-state farms as well.

In addition to produce, we sell goods from the following local businesses:

Lapp Family Bakery - Although Mr. and Mrs. Lapp retired from their wholesale business, they have passed along their knowledge and recipes to a new family. John and Priscilla Lapp took over for Mervin and Sue in the summer of 2018, and we now carry their baked goods. Everything is baked fresh on Thursdays and delivered to us early Friday morning. We carry a variety of fruit and cream pies, sandwich breads, sweet breads, cookies, whoopie pies, and granola.

Kraszewski Family Farm - Kate's husband, Steve, grew up on a beef farm in Corning, NY. In 2010 we began selling his family's beef products. Their animals are pasture-raised and supplemented with local grain during the winter months; the beef is all-natural, no added hormones or antibiotics. It's been a huge hit at the market; we know you'll love it! Here is a list of what we carry:

Ground beef: $4.99/lb ​ 

Ground round: $5.99/lb

Patties: (6, 1/3 lb patties): $11.99/pack

Tenderloin: $16.99/lb

NY Strip: $14.99/lb 

Delmonico: $12.99/lb

Sirloin: $11.99/lb

Brisket: $7.99/lb

Skirt: $8.99/lb

Flank: $10.99/lb

Minute steaks: $7.99/lb

London broil: $7.99/lb

Eye round steak: $6.99/lb

Hot dogs (50% beef, 50% pork - 8 per pack): $6.00

Beef Sticks: $6.00/pack

Bryan's Meat Cutting - Located in Milan, PA, Bryan's is where we have our beef butchered. A family-run business established in 1981, Dan Bryan is an excellent butcher. Besides having our beef butchered there, Dan also supplies our market with delicious pork from various small farms throughout Pennsylvania. As with Steve's parents' animals, the pork is all-natural, no added hormones or antibiotics. Here are the pork products we carry:

Smoked bacon: $7.99/lb

Cottage bacon: $7.99/lb

Breakfast sausage links: $7.49/lb

Breakfast sausage patties: $7.49/lb

Bone-in chops: $7.99/lb

Rope sausage (sweet Italian, mild/hot Italian, or garlic): $7.49/lbSpare ribs: $6.99/lb

Ham steak: $6.49/lb

Kilby Cream - Kilby Cream has been producing fresh, homemade ice cream in Rising Sun, MD since 2005. They make their own mix and ice cream using milk from their Cecil County dairy. 

Chesapeake Bay Farms - We carry additional flavors of ice cream from this farm on the lower Eastern Shore. It's delicious!

Eve's Cheese - Eve’s Cheese (named after the family’s award-winning Jersey cow) is made with Grade-A milk from a Kent County (MD) dairy. The milk is transported to an Amish cheese maker who handcrafts the milk into Eve's Cheese. We sell a variety of cheddar cheeses.

Backyard Jams & Jellies - We have various jams available from this award-winning, DE based business.

Local Honey - The honey we carry is from hives located within a few miles of the farm!